Panasonic’s I-Pro SmartHD is the leading cutting edge technology in Full HD image quality, H.264 Compression and Face Detection. The I-Pro series includes Auto Back Focus, Adaptive Black Stretch, High Sensitivity in a fixed dome, fixed box or PTZ format. Reach Communications, Inc has been a certified I-Pro Dealer since 2010.

Panasonic, a global leader in business communications, is pleased to offer our latest Enhanced Communications Solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Panasonic IP Business Phone Systems offers you flexible, networkable solutions for today’s changing business landscape. Their flexibility easily supports multiple offices, a mobile workforce, and ever changing staff sizes. Reach Communications, Inc has been a certified Panasonic Communications Systems Dealer since 2006.

AFI transmission systems are designed to be a transparent interface between video, audio and data communications devices such as cameras, DVRs and NVRs, monitors, servers, access control equipment and alarm systems. AFI Ethernet devices provide a wide assortment of switches, media convertors and repeaters for the network ‘edge’. Our ethernet appliances provide real world ‘security system’ signals tunneling over networks to bridge traditional and IP security systems. Reach Communications, Inc has been an AFI dealer since 2010.

S2 Security pioneered the use of network appliances with 100% browser-delivered content to build flexible security and video management systems that meet the demands of both security and IT departments. A wide range of security and video management solutions and new products and revisions to existing ones frequently roll out of S2’s laboratories and engineering teams.